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About Us

In the early 1970s, Dan St. Clair apprenticed under his father, Dale St. Clair, a 1948 graduate of The Conservatory of Music in Kansas City, Missouri.Danís apprenticeship included piano tuning, repair and rebuilding.Dan and his father worked in the mid-west together until Dan and his young family moved to the southwest in 1988.

Dan tunes pianos by ear, or aurally, to an equal temperament. His ability to tune aurally ensures that he can bring out a pianoís best possible sound. Piano tuning aurally is becoming a lost art in todayís highly technological world.Each brand and size of piano requires that it be tuned using specific requirements.Tunings using these requirements are only possible when the piano is tuned aurally.

Nick St. Clair graduated from Minnesota State College Southeast Technical in Red Wing, Minnesota in 2000.Nick specializes in the repairing and rebuilding of all brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments.He also has competency playing skills in all brass and woodwind instruments which he uses to accurately diagnose and correct errors in these instruments.

As a musician, Nickís instrument of choice is the tuba.He is a member of the many musical groups that perform all around southern California.

Shop History

In 2000, A Sharp Services opened their doors in California in the La Sierra area of Riverside.†† That small music shop was soon too cramped which necessitated a move to the east side of Riverside in 2002.As A Sharp Services continued to grow, Dan and Nick found it necessary to again move the shop to its present facility on Marlborough Avenue.


1525 Marlborough Ave, Suite B
Riverside, CA 92507
(951) 682-0550

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